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Get arty in edgy Kreuzberg

Leave your high heels at home as we head into the gritty realism of super cool, downtown arty Kreuzberg, Berlin’s cultural hotspot of the moment. Our journey begins at the trashy Kottbusser Tor, a cultural melting pot of post war, postmodern and beautiful 20th century architecture between the river Spree and Landwehrkanal.

We’ll wander through the streets to visit hidden courtyards containing artists’ studios, visit art collectives and galleries, as well as discover the incredible street art that proliferates throughout the entire area. You’ll also visit hipster cafes, cool bars, vintage shops and fashion boutiques.

Your private guide will point out local trends in ‘living culture’ and explain Kreuzberg's unique Cold War history, when the district rubbed right against the western side of the Berlin Wall. You'll learn about the wave of Turkish immigrants in the Sixties, the arrival of the punks and the techno-heads as well as about the numerous subcultures that now co-exist peacefully in this dynamic area. This is the ‘poor but sexy’ Berlin you’ve heard about.

Tour details:

Activity Information
Inclusions: visits to selected courtyard galleries, ateliers, Bethanien Arts Centre, street art highlights, mural paintings, hidden shops and funky cafes, private guide and lots of insider tips.
Start: 11 am - 4 pm (every day)
Duration: 3 hours
Meeting point: in front of Kaisers Supermarket at U-Bahn station Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg

The tour is undertaken on foot in all weathers. All shops are closed Sundays and most galleries are closed Sundays and Mondays. The big Turkish market is only opened Tuesdays and Fridays. Any food and beverage consumed on the tour have to be paid by the guest directly to the restaurant/café/bar. Don´t be overdressed.


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